About your data…

Welcome to Coquelicot. A simple way to share files with people you know, with a little bit of privacy.

What should I expect from “a little bit of privacy”?

Exchanges between your computer and dl.poivron.org are encrypted.

An attacker in-between will be able to see how much data is exchanged, but not its nature.

Files are stored encrypted. In case someone gets access to the server storage, they will know the size, arrival and expiration dates of the files; but they will not be able to get their content without the password.

In case no download password has been specified, the password might be kept in the server request logs. This means that the server might store enough information to retrieve the actual file content.

When a download password has been specified, the password will not be stored anywhere on the server. This will prevent retrieval of the file content, except if the server has been actively compromised beforehand.

What if I don't trust the server admins?

You are free to install Coquelicot on your own system. Please refer to the README if you wish to know how.